WORK ENVIRONMENT SYSTEMWork-Life Balance Support System

Maternity Leave / Reduced Work Hours for Child-Rearing Maternity leave for child-rearing up to one year old (with an extension system),in addition to reduced work hours for child-rearing up to three years old.
Staggered commuting system Allows you to freely select working hours from multiple working hours patterns.
Half Day Paid Leave Half day paid leaves available for afternoons or mornings.
Monetary Gifts and Bereavement Pay Monetary gifts and bereavement pay for employees and immediate family members
Employee Extracurricular Support Partial financial support for employee extracurricular club activities in order to promote communication within the company.
Medical Subsidies Social health insurance subsidies for medical screenings concerning women’s health and influenza vaccinations
Recreational Discount Service Discounted prices for leisure and recreational amenities, such as Disneyland, Fujikyu Highland.
Health Promotion Service Discounted prices for select health clubs throughout Japan, such as Sports Club Renaissance, Tokyu Sports Oasis, and Oedo Onsen Monogatari
Accommodation Discount Service Discounted prices for accommodations owned and affiliated with the company’s social health insurance (Prince Hotels throughout Japan).
Long service commendation system Under this system, employees with 10 or 20 years of continuous service show respect for their achievements in contributing to the development of business, and are commended from the standpoint of expecting them to guide younger employees and make further contributions to the organization.
defined contribution pension plan This is a system in which the contributions made by each participant are managed by the participants themselves, and the benefit amount is determined based on the investment results.
Membership resort hotel usage system This system allows employees and their family members within the first degree of kinship to use members-only resort hotels.
Company cafeteria service We have introduced a delicious company meal service at any time. Because we do not use chemically synthesized additives, we support health improvement through food.
※Provided by Tokyo Metal Industry and Health Insurance Association
At Tokyo Byokane, we believe in the importance of maintaining and improving the health of all employees,through our health management system.

GROWTH SYSTEMVarious systems to support career growth

In-House Training Training programs coordinated by various in-house specialists
Qualification Acquisition Compensated exam fees for certification exams related to an employee’s business interests.
Online Information Sharing Training materials and specialized industry information available online for employees in order to consolidate skill and knowledge across all regions.
Career Sheet Training materials for the improvement of various business skills available on-demand for all employees.Industry information and materials developed in-house and available online.
Book Rentals and Purchasing Book rentals for new employees looking to develop essential business skills, and purchasing of unavailable books upon request.