Tokyo Byokane is dedicated to supporting the automative and energy-saving measures of our customers.

With our affiliate, Kenritsu Denko Co. Ltd., continuously striving to meet the demand for automation and energy-saving measures by designing automated facilites. Consultations are readily available for any questions regarding the remodeling, repairing, and maintenance of each equipment.

  • Sales Consultation
  • Joint Consultation
  • Technical Consultation Design & Development

About Kenritsu Denko Co., Ltd.
2632-1 Oshikiri, Kumagaya City, Saitama
/ TEL: 048-536-1155

Kenritsu Denko Co., Ltd. designs and manufactures equipment utilized in a variety of fields, including automated public facilities, home appliances, automotives, and aircrafts. Products range from electronic highway displays to automated fountains installed in parks throughout Kawasaki and Sapporo. They also include waterways and water purification plants, electric powerplants, and gas manufacturing and storage facilities.

Contribute to factory automation through the production of inspection equipment, assembly machines, and automated parts feeder.