The purpose of this website is to introduce the business of Tokyo Byokane Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Company”)

Personal Information Protection Policy

The Company shall establish a Personal Information Protection Policy as follows, by creating a system for the protection of personal information and educating employees about the importance and various methods of protecting personal information.

Personal Information Management

In order to prevent hacking, loss, damage, falsifying, or leaking of customers’ personal information, the Company shall retain the most up-to-date private information and provide stringent management of such information by taking necessary precautions in the maintenance and management of security systems and education of employees on privacy protection.

Use of Personal Information

Upon inquiry, customers may be requested to register name, email address, and phone number with this website. Personal information will only be used for sending information regarding business communication, customer inquiries, and introductions to new business opportunities.

Prohibition of Personal Information Disclosure to a Third Party

The company shall stringently manage personal information provided by customers, and shall not provide any personal information to a third party unless conditions require this practice to be exempt as follows:
. The customer gives written consent of disclosure.
. The customer discloses to an entrusted third party in order to conduct necessary procedures.
. Disclosure is required by law.

Security Policy for Personal Information

The company follows stringent security protocols to ensure the accuracy and security of personal information.

Confirmation and Verification

Any customer request for confirmation, revision, or deletion of personal information will be carried out only after verifying the customer’s identity.

Compliance and Reexamination of Laws and Policies

The company shall comply with Japanese laws and regulations which pertain to any personal information provided to us, as we continue to improve and reexamine the company’s privacy policies.


Consultation and inquiries regarding handling of personal information are welcome.

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