• 1.Respond to global customer needs and contribute to economic and social progress.
  • 2.Address the material and spiritual welfare of all employees as well as the implementation of a work culture that fully promotes individual creativity and teamwork.
  • 3.Prioritize honesty and confidence as a global enterprise founded on the trust and cooperation of customers and suppliers.

VALUE・Social Commitment

  • 1.Meet customer demands in collaboration with suppliers domestic and abroad in order to advance economic and social progress.
  • 2.Establish a strong relationship with suppliers through passion for customers, suppliers, and technical capabilities.
  • 3.Implement a work environment where all employees are respected, regardless of personality, and ideas are freely exchanged
    Implement a work environment where growth is promoted regardless of position, and diligent and motivated employees can exercise their full capabilities.
  • 4.Resolve issues with consideration to its circumstance and improvement methods by determining deadlines and parties responsible.
  • 5.Open-Minded Spirit: Allow the company and its employees to exercise their full capabilities through motivation and focused vision, and pursue work that is meaningful to the world.
  • 6.Results are achieved through Thoughtfulness, Passion, and Ability. Diligently improve capabilities through positive thinking and passion.
  • 7.Closely follow laws and regulations regarding business, while maintaining a clear distinction between public and private life, and evaluating profitable avenues.