Thank you for your interest in working with Tokyo Byokane.
The following company introduction is based on “Reasons for Workplace Selection” from student and employment evaluation surveys.

Students’ Reasons for Workplace Selection (Employment Evaluation Survey)

A company that allows you to do work that you enjoy.
A company where you can find stability.
A company that considers employees’ work-life balance.
A company that allows you to do meaningful work for the community.

What is Tokyo Byokane?


A company that allows you to do work that you enjoy.

With any company, it’s impossible to know the value or joy of the work involved without having worked there, and with minimal experience as a student, it’s difficult to find work that is a perfect fit. Tokyo Byokane is involved in a wide range of businesses and many of these businesses are involved in introducing new ideas into the world.
By providing opportunities to work with many industries, Tokyo Byokane creates opportunities to discover new meaning and interest in work.

40% Automotive
25% Office Equipment and Electronics
10% Home Fixtures
10% Industrial Machinery
15% Medical, Telecommunications, Entertainment

A company where you can find stability.

Over 50 years of global expansion.
Developing business relations with over 15 established overseas locations.
Global growth into 2050 projects greater growth in overseas locations than in Japan, and by integrating growth both domestically and abroad, steady expansion is continued.


A company that considers employees’ work-life balance.

In order to establish a comfortable work environment which supports a healthy work-life balance, life enrichment support is available in the form of Maternity Leave and Reduced Work Hours for Child-Rearing, Half Day Leaves, Recreational Discount Services, and Health Promotion Services.
Please see here for more details.


A company that allows you to do meaningful work for the community.

Business with over 3,000 companies, some of which rank top 20 in market value in Japan.
Along with a number of suppliers, Tokyo Byokane contributes products that are useful and necessary to society.

2021 College and High School Graduate Recruitment Guide

General Employment
Employment Category General Employment
Number of Recruits 4
Qualifications Graduates in March 2021 and graduates of less than 3 years since graduation.
Salary University graduate: 207,000 Yen
Junior college graduate: 185,000 Yen

※ Including benefits (as of January 2018)
Compensation Commuting expenses (in full), Overtime pay.
Pay Raise Once a year (in April)
Bonuses Twice a year (in July and December)
Office Location Initial employment will be based at Tokyo headquarters (Sumida Ward, Tokyo),
with possibility of transfer to all domestic and overseas locations.
Business Hours 8:30~17:00 (Work hours total 7 hours 30 minutes with a 60-minute lunch break at 11:45 )
Days Off 2 days off (weekends and holidays)
Holidays Summer Holiday, Year End / New Years Holiday,
Paid Marriage Leaves, Paid Bereavement Leaves, Paid Leaves (10 days in the first year)
Total Days Off Annually 129 Days
Welfare Benefits Various insurance services, extracurricular activities (baseball, soccer, golf), etc.
Workplace Training Prospective employee training before entrance, new employee training, core staff training, and executive training.

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