Provide quality assurance and product improvement through the evaluation of critical values using various in-house inspection equipment. Always prepared to handle any product issues by performing a breakdown analysis in order to deliver the best solution and improvement methods.

IN-HOUSE INSPECTION MACHINEIn-house Inspection Machine (Overview)

  • XRF Analyzer (RoHS Compatible)

  • Spectrophotometer (Hexavalent Chromium Analysis Compatible)

  • X-ray Fluorescence Film Thickness Analysis Machine

  • Image Dimension Analysis (Max 99 points batch measurement)

  • Salt spray tester (SST / CAS test type)

  • Digital Microsope (Max Lens 1000x)

  • Measuring Microscope

  • Automated Cutting Machine

  • Automated Resin Embedding Machine

  • Automated Polishing Machine

  • QC-PRO (Automated Inspection Sheet Software)

  • Axial Forces and Torque Analyzers (1N.m / 5N.m / 20N.m)

  • Surface Texture / Contour Shape Analysis Machine

  • Roundness Analysis Machine

  • Universal Trial Machine

  • Universal Trial Machine

  • Vickers Analysis Machine

  • Rockwell Analysis Machine