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America, a nation at the forefront of discussions.


With various cultural exports that impact the globe—from Hollywood movies, music, sports, landscapes, and high-tech industries—the U.S. is a Melting Pot of diverse ethnic backgrounds that make it unique from mono-ethnic nations like Japan. Asserting one’s rights and opinions are celebrated among a people who value liberty and equality above all, allowing captivating ideas to be spread the world over.

Overview of the U.S.

A great economic power consisting of 50 states with its governing body in Washington D.C., the U.S. is the largest multi-ethnic nation with a land area 25 times the size of Japan and a population of 330 million.


According to the 2020 U.S. National Census, though the population has continued to grow, overall growth rate has slowed—as of 2020, the ethnic make-up of the U.S. population was Caucasian 57.8%, Hispanic 18.7%, African-American 12.1%, Asian 6%, Other 6.1%. Looking further at the U.S. Diversity Index (DI), ethnic diversity has continued to grow from 54.9% to 61.1%. Within this diverse framework, the two main languages spoken are English (80%) and Spanish (12%).


From a religious standpoint, nearly 70% of all Americans identify as Christians and 50% as Protestants, stemming from the Puritan influence of America’s first settlers from Europe.


America’s economy is just as diverse, specializing in manufacturing, agriculture (wheat, corn, soy, etc.), and forestry within the industrial sector, while also having a focus on finance, insurance, real estate, and services in the commercial sector.


Characteristics of Each Region

New York, located on the Northeast Coast, is the epicenter of American commerce being home to international corporate headquarters as well as the United Nations. On the West Coast, Silicon Valley houses the headquarters of leading tech companies such as Apple, Google, Airbnb, and various semi-conductor manufacturers. Between these two epicenters, a vast stretch of land allows for various climates, cultures, and industries to flourish in each state.


Advantages of Investing in the U.S.

Though recent media attention has been focused on China (with a population of 1.3 bn) and India (with a 2050 projected population of 1.7 bn), the U.S.—despite its population of 330 million—boasts a GDP of nearly 20 trillion dollars and a quarter of the world economy, making it the largest economic power in the world.


The comparative wealth of American citizens supports a flexible American economy, of which consumer spending constitutes 70% of America’s GDP (i.e., 17% of the global GDP). The U.S. is still the world’s largest global market, and it continues to grow.


Which industry has the highest profitability in each state?
The map below shows the most profitable industry in each state. While each state in the U.S. boasts its own unique identity, local industrial development is often dependent on regional geographical features. Local industries may adapt to regions suited for agriculture or operate as bases of research, while other industries may develop as centers of tourism.

Primary examples of highly profitable state-based industries include oil in Texas; aerospace in Washington; jewelry (diamonds and precious metals) in New York; oil and minerals in Louisiana’s Gulf Coast; research and development in California; and the automotive industry in Michigan.


Moreover, the U.S. has promoted a return to U.S.-based manufacturing with the doctrine, “made in America.” The generally accepted motives behind this push are to (1) mitigate risk; (2) reinforce self-supply; (3) develop a reliable self-defense network; (4) incentivize consumer demand; and (5) promote sustainability. In addition to U.S. corporations, those in Europe, China, Korea and ASEAN, etc. have also begun developing their own production bases in the U.S.


The U.S. possesses a vast land filled with abundant natural resources, allowing industries to procure raw materials, manufacture, and process end products entirely within its borders. As a result, U.S.-based manufacturing serves as a hedge against geopolitical and supply chain risks.
For Japanese corporations expanding into the U.S., as displayed in the figure below, the manufacturing industry still represents the largest sector of expansion overall despite its declining ratio to the whole.



Byokane (USA) is a trading company specializing in the production and handling of a wide variety of processed metal components including bolts, nuts, and other various fasteners. Established in 1988, Byokane (USA) has since continued to support the manufacture of automotives, home and office appliances, housing and medical equipment, and renewable energy.


The sales office and distribution warehouse in Norcross, Georgia, serves as an ideal location due to its temperate climate and minimal risk of natural disasters, making it possible to maintain a stable supply network for customers. Bilingual staff, communicating in English and Japanese, work to enhance customer satisfaction by providing products and solutions in line with customer needs and delivering a timely supply solution from a carefully managed inventory. This carefully managed supply system is made possible by a global Byokane network that allows us to deliver high-quality products which meet customer needs.


Byokane’s main production capabilities include specialized cold forming, stamping, machining, die-casting, MIM, coiling, sintering, ASSY, injection molding, specialized molding, resin molding, and FA—all of which allow the supply of such products as precision fasteners, specialized collars and nuts, assembled parts, springs, and molded plastic parts.

Anticipating and Responding to Changing Needs

Popular interest in carbon neutrality has turned recent national attention towards the EV industry, after a presidential executive order was signed into effect, outlining a goal “that 50% of all new passenger cars and light trucks sold in 2030 be zero-emission vehicles” (White House statement). By achieving this target, greenhouse gases from new cars sold in 2030 would decrease by more than 60% compared to those sold in 2020. Moreover, the U.S. government is endorsing a shift towards an EV-centric automotive industry after 7.5 bn dollars of government subsidies were set aside for the development of EV infrastructure as part of an overall 1-trillion-dollar infrastructure investment plan.


A recent EV project involving specialized bolts, for use in a leading e-commerce fleet of delivery vans, has allowed Byokane to be a part of this growing trend. Such projects directly lead to the reduction of greenhouse gases. In the early stages of this project, discussions regarding bolt prints led to a consultation with manufacturers to propose various bolt shapes that would conform to customer needs while remaining effective and realistic.


A final design was determined with the customer after exchanging needs and requirements concerning dimensions, inspections, and quality satisfaction.


Byokane’s mission statement is to provide the best possible customer experience and achieve high customer satisfaction by proposing solutions for both existing and potential needs, while incorporating Byokane’s capabilities with customer input.


Expansive business opportunities await in environment-responsive markets like the growing EV industry, with opportunities in charging stations and EV components, or equipment-centric markets like the medical industry, of which the U.S. market comprises 40% of the total global market share. If there is anything we can support, Byokane’s vast network of supply chains and production resources founded on a principle of timely delivery and quality satisfaction is yours, starting with a stable supply here in Georgia, U.S. For more information, contact Byokane (USA) today for quotes and free consultations.

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