Tokyo Byokane (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai, China.

In April 2019, we established Tokyo Byokane(SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD. (CHUANSHA BRANCH) in Shanghai, China, as a branch (branch) of Tokyo Byokane (Shanghai) Co.

As China’s policy goal is to “form several groups of auto parts companies that will be among the top 10 in the world by 2025,” the number of inquiries about auto parts in China has been increasing, and the new plant will respond to a wide range of needs, including assembly of automotive parts.


main items

assembly of ASSY products (Cutting, pressing, spring, sintering, and resin assembly.) / Production of OEM products /
Screws in general / Nuts / E-ring washer materials / Cutting parts / Powdered metal parts /
Rings in general / Various press parts / Screwdrivers / Other labor-saving equipment

inspection equipment

spectrophotometer(Cr+6 content) / X-ray fluorescence analyzer / Dynamic torque tester / Measuring microscope
Surface roughness tester / Laser micro (1/10,000) / Surface hardness tester / Surface hardness tester
Salt spray testing machine (including inspection equipment owned by Tokyo Byokane (Shanghai))

Address and phone number of Tokyo Byokane (Shanghai) Chinsha Corporation