#Protect your medical care with a homemade mask!#I am a supporter of the SAVETheNurse project.

Tokyo Byokane is supporting the “#Save The Nurse” project led by the Health Management Council. In addition, with the same intent as this project, we have formed a project with several companies to develop a product in response to the unknown viruses we are fighting around the world. In conjunction with the “#SAVE The Nurse” project, we will continue to work to help the world.

健康経営 東京鋲兼 マスク

----Purpose of this project by the Health Management Council----

We are now battling an unknown virus around the world. And at the forefront of that are nurses and doctors, health care providers and caregivers. However, they also have their limitations. Hospital beds, medical equipment, and the number of doctors and nurses. If the infection spreads at an accelerated rate, these will be in short supply at once. What we can do to prevent the collapse of healthcare. One of them is the “homemade mask”. With the shortage of ready-made products, anyone can easily make their own masks. It also gives priority to the delivery of masks to healthcare professionals. Homemade masks are just one action to protect our “last stand”.
The Health Management Council, which aims to maintain the physical and mental health of working people from a management perspective, is launching a campaign to raise awareness of and recommend homemade masks, “Protect medical care with homemade masks #SAVE The Nurse,” as one of the measures to prevent the spread of an unprecedented new coronavirus infection. We would be grateful if all companies who share the same aspirations for health management would endorse this campaign and cooperate with us in raising awareness among employees and communicating this to the world.
Right now, the physical and mental health of working people is at risk. We protect your work environment and protect the people who work on the front lines of healthcare. I hope that the actions of each and every one of us will lead to the convergence of the situation as soon as possible.

Health Management Conference Executive Committee, April 1, 2020