Tokyo Byokane supported “#SAVETheNurse” project and applied for and jointly developed a patent for “tsunage∞mask”, a part to make a self-made surgical mask.

Tokyo Byokane supports the project “#SAVE The Nurse” which is led by Health Management Conference. We developed “tsunage∞mask” in order to realize an environment where it is easy to make self-made surgical masks. We have applied for a patent, design and trademark, and are currently working on a joint project with three companies.

With this product, you can make your own surgical mask easily with a cloth or elastic such as a handkerchief. By changing the size of the cloth and the string, you can make your own surgical mask in your own size from children to adults.

In addition, we will donate a portion of our sales to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) as part of our CSR activities and contribution to the SDGs as a sustainability-conscious company.

In order to prepare for new viruses and other new threats that may arise in the future, we will continue to contribute to the health and welfare of many people through parts that can be easily made into surgical masks, starting with “tsunage∞mask”.



Dedicated site:tsunage∞mask
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