【Our Strengths】Global Responsiveness

As a frontier that has pioneered a harsh environment

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to respond globally.

Global responsiveness is difficult to judge, and it is not just expressed in terms of the number of locations; since the company was founded in 1941, we have had locations in Hong Kong in 1967, Singapore in 1974, and manufacturing in Singapore. Singabol is now moving its manufacturing base as it is no longer the main manufacturing country as per the national strategy. In the early days of our Chinese and Asian bases, the people who built up manufacturing plants and sales bases in foreign countries where there was no stable supply of electricity at that time, and who were worried about food and medical care, are at the forefront of our global bases.

Our ability to respond globally is based not only on hardware but also on the power and commitment of our people.

Towards a system that exceeds 50% of overseas sales

As a result of this strategy, more than 50% of our group's sales are generated outside Japan, and our published financial results show that less than 50% of our sales come from domestic sales only, which means that we have an environment that allows us to grow together with other countries, especially in Asia.

To what extent our predecessors' determination and know-how can be passed on to the next generation who have been assigned to the new environment after the establishment of the new base will be a clear challenge for the future. In addition, we have opened more than 50 offices and are investing in significant expansion of existing offices in Vietnam to keep pace with global growth.