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Singapore is a small country located in Southeast Asia with a population of 5.454 million and an area of 725.7 square kilometers,

about the size of the combined 23 districts of Tokyo.

Singapore separated from Malaysia and became an independent country in August 1965. Initially though it lacked resources,

it has leveraged on its strategic position on the Asian trade route and human capital to attract foreign investment continuously and now

it has become a country that has a GDP per capita that exceeds that of Japan.

What make Singapore attractive

There are 7,000 overseas companies in Singapore (795 of which are Japanese companies

*the number of registered members of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce in Singapore),

and Singapore is now gearing up to be the information, technological and financial hub for the ASEAN region.

Below are some of the advantages of locating to Singapore.


Compared to neighboring countries, the infrastructure of the logistics hub (land, air and sea transportation) is remarkably well-developed.

It is connected to more than 600 ports in more than 120 countries around the world, and is responsible for about 20% of the world's cargo trade.

In fact, Singapore is one of the busiest port in the world.

In addition, the regulations and regulations for importing and exporting and expanding into Singapore are clear, and support is provided when expanding into Singapore.

There are not much obstacles in terms of bureaucratic red-tape.


Due to its historical heritage, the national language of Singapore is Malay,

even though there are four main languages (English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil) to reflect its cultural and ethnic diversity.

However, as a strategy to expand global trade, the main language of communication is English and also Chinese, to cater to the growing China’s market.

The majority of the citizens are effectively bilingual (English and 1 mother tongue)

and there is also no lack of people in the business world who can speak multiple languages to facilitate global trade.

Singapore has a high level of education for its citizens and an abundance of excellent management resources.


AI (artificial intelligence), EV (electric vehicle), factory automation (robotics, automation), pharmaceutical and financial services etc.

The Singapore government is actively investing in cutting-edge technology for those areas listed above which can position Singapore

at the forefront of global competition for trade and businesses.


It is easy to contact and cooperate with Japan (headquarters) because the time difference with Japan is 1 hour.


Low corporate tax rate. (Up to 17%. Other preferential treatment available)


Japanese companies in various industries have expanded into the region, and expectations are high for Singapore

to become the regional headquarters and R&D base not only for the ASEAN region, but Asia as well.

東京鋲兼 Singapore コラム


Singapore became independent from Malaysia in August 1965, and since then the government has been actively promoting policies to attract foreign companies.

Tokyo Byokane (S) Pte Ltd was established in 1974 due to Singapore’s attraction as a growing market. For about half a century now,

we have been supporting manufacturing and trading companies in the region.

Our support ranges from a trading company for fastening parts and also as a technical knowledge source to help companies find the compatible accessories for their application.

We have been highly commended by customers in various industries for many years for our technical and manufacturing knowledge.

In addition, we have built a logistics network with each customer by providing a one-stop center and conducted market research in neighboring countries,

and established local bases in the ASEAN region, managed by experienced staff to provide fast and efficient solutions to customers.

In recent years, we are also developing new markets through liaising with customers in regions like India, Pakistan, and Europe.

Our strengths

We carry a range of new products (numbering a few hundreds) through our collaboration with our various and diverse business partners,

We propose innovative products that meet or exceeds customer requirements through efficient method of production, quality materials, and quality surface treatments.

Customers can consult us from the initial design stage, through the R&D, and finally to the actual implementation of a new project.

We can make a parts proposal with the appropriate specification, taking into account customers requirements and expectations.

Following are some examples of customers’ request

We want parts that match the new product concept. (propose new parts or design)

We want to use the parts currently used in the production factories in other countries in our factories, but we want to localize them.

(propose cheaper parts but maintain same quality level)

We want to prevent the occurrence of defects.

(propose improved parts or parts with new specification)

We want to reduce parts inventory and reduce costs.

(propose a standard part for a range of models)

We want to automate and save labor. (propose auto fastening technology)


We can design and produce automated equipment, and provide automatic screw tightening machines, robots, and electric drivers.

We also supply screws that are suitable for fastening with automatic machines.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about automation and labor saving ideas.


We have a large number of experienced staff in manufacturing, quality control, and product knowledge.

Due to the shortage of human resources, high turnover rate, and difficulty in obtaining work visas for foreigners,

it may be difficult to pass on skills and knowledge in the related field.

However, we have a track record of holding study sessions, seminars on fastening parts, automation equipment, etc.

by our staff for customer’s personnel in charge of design, inspection, purchasing, etc. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

Company profile

Trade name: Tokyo Byokane (S) Pte Ltd

Location: No 3, Fifth Lok Yang Road, Jurong Town, Singapore 629754

Founded: 7 March 1974

ISO certification: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015

Contact: TEL +65-6265-4422


Supported languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Malay

東京鋲兼 シンガポール コラム