【Our Strengths】Quality Support

Balancing quality and cost

In manufacturing, in order to avoid producing defective products, the cost of doing so is necessary. When making a die, the die wears out gradually, and in the case of metal cutting, high accuracy is achieved, but the cutting tool itself wears out gradually. For example, the machine used to make Ferrari parts is made of high quality materials and has a function to constantly monitor the wear and tear of the tools attached to it and adjust the finish accordingly. However, such machines are expensive, and if all the products are made with them, the unit price of the products will go up. In addition, in order to continue to manufacture products with inexpensive machines but still produce a perfect product, sensors and imaging cameras must be used to inspect the product after it is completed, which also adds to the cost.

In an environment where used Japanese manufacturing machines are exported to Asian countries and the manufacturing power of Asia is increasing, price competition is required, it is necessary to use Japanese technology for speedy mass production and to maintain quality.

Customer Quality Support System

Ideally, there should always be zero quality defects, but in many cases, many customers are troubled by the weakness of our ability to deal with the unavoidable defects that occur in the manufacturing process at some price points, such as those mentioned above, and they turn to us for help.

Before delivering a mass-produced product to a customer, the Data Inspection Section of the Quality Control Department checks the product with the industry's top-class checking capability, and even checks for any discrepancies in values due to tool wear within the tolerance range to enhance quality together with our partner manufacturers. initiatives.


In addition, we are the only company with trading company functions that has been selected as a member of the committee to establish inspection documents and other information related to the conclusion of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), together with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, universities and automobile manufacturers.

When you visit us, you can see the various testing machines in our Quality Control Department, and in some cases, customers come to us to inspect their own products. If you would like to use our inspection equipment, or if you are troubled by a quality problem with a current supplier, please contact us on our website for more information.