【Our Strengths】Project & automation support

For the success of the project

We have employees who have successfully completed several projects with large corporations and have extensive expertise in project management, manufacturing management and financing. Large corporate projects often do not have enough people assigned to them in the early stages of the project, despite the size of the project. That's when we come into play, and together with our partner manufacturers who can meet your needs, we can make your requirements a reality.

Project case summary

【Case 1】

We have established several automated production lines at our overseas bases that meet the needs of our customers, and we deliver major parts to our customers over the long term.


【Case 2】

It is difficult to attain precision, but though there is it, we invest a production line in cooperation maker lacking facilities, a scale to mass-produce, and the technology builds the situation that is WIN-WIN to customer, cooperation maker for the needs that I want to make cheaply abroad because it is parts to use in the long term.


【Case 3】

In order to respond to customers' requests for lower prices, we provide a price calculation for the part of the subcontracted manufacturer's work flow that has been done manually, thereby realizing an automated line that eliminates manual work for the subcontracted manufacturer and provides added value to the customer by eliminating mistakes and lowering prices.


The reason behind these projects is the strength of a group company called KANERITSU DENKO, which can make automatic machines. KANERITSU DENKO has a lot of experience in manufacturing machines that automatically fold airbags for cars, building large-scale production lines for customers in China, and continuing to provide after-sales support. As Japan's population continues to decline, securing human resources is a major challenge for manufacturing sites, and building inexpensive automated equipment that does not require human labor is a major theme.

The key to building an automatic machine

Automatic machines are basically expensive, and there are several points to consider in order to create an automatic machine inexpensively.

①Understand the essentials of the work being done by human hands and

②Consider how existing automation mechanisms can be combined to achieve this and

③Create by adjusting the errors and defects that occur when a mass-produced product is actually sent to an automatic machine speedily.

In the process of ③, there are also cooperative manufacturers who have experience that ① and ② are inadequate and additional costs are incurred, or that if that cost occurs, it will not be possible to deal with it.


Even after completion, maintenance is also required to replace parts of the automatic machine and to fine-tune the machine if a problem arises. We have a company that can make automated machines in a groove company, and we have an FA department that deals with projects together with KANERITSU DENKO. For maintenance, the person in charge of the FA department goes overseas. We also offer after-sales support such as handling, so we can propose automatic machines that can build long-term relationships with customers.

In order to keep prices low and provide a stable supply of parts, the power of small and medium-sized companies that support Japan's manufacturing is essential. However, there is an increasing number of projects that require the combination of different materials, mirror finishes on the surface, and a variety of processing finishes, in addition to simple parts that can be made with machines alone, and many of these projects are difficult to handle with the limited number of people on the manufacturing floor in Japan.

We propose ASSY machines that eliminate the process of assembling manually, and aligning and sorting machines for secondary processing to cooperating manufacturers to support the realization of stable products without relying on personnel.